Sportvision and TruMedia Networks to deliver detailed analytics to minor league baseball teams

Sportvision, a provider of digital sports content, broadcast enhancements and motion tracking data aggregation, has teamed up with TruMedia Networks, a sports analytics technology firm, to offer minor league baseball teams a comprehensive analytics platform to help Major League Baseball (MLB) executives, baseball analysts, scouts, coaches more effectively evaluate player performance. The new partnership will leverage Sportvision’s motion tracking systems and TruMedia’s video clipping and analytics solutions to give farms teams the same tools as their “big league” clubs now enjoy.

“Sportvision’s suite of motion tracking innovations have changed the way sports teams and media properties approach sports analytics,” said Rafe Anderson, TruMedia Networks CEO. “Together with Sportvision, we look forward to delivering a solution that enables MLB clubs to quickly assess player performance, strengths, weaknesses and tendencies.”

Sportvision’s PITCHf/x pitch tracking system, which is operational at every MLB stadium and 19 minor league stadiums, tracks every pitch thrown in MLB play at approximately 60 points from the time it leaves the pitcher's hand until it crosses home plate. Its technology records and reports pertinent aspects of pitcher-batter matchups, including speed, break, location, pitch type and trajectory, in real-time and with a high degree of accuracy.

TruMedia Networks has developed a suite of sports analytics tools that include proprietary visualization tools, as well as integrated pitch-by-pitch video analysis. The company’s proprietary heat mapping solutions are used by some of the world’s top sports media properties in broadcast, in print and on the Web. In addition to licensing enterprise analytics solutions to pro sports teams and sports media properties, TruMedia powers a turnkey analytics solution targeting the amateur market, resulting in an analytics offering that will serve coaches, managers and players from little league to pro ball.