Speakers Set For ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2008

More than 50 speakers on digital and mobile broadcasting have confirmed their participation in the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2008 in Kuala Lumpur on 10-13 March.

The symposium will focus on the progression to digital and mobile services. The speakers include many experts in these fields from Asia and beyond. Participants will look at enhancements being introduced to digital broadcasting systems, programme content innovations and business strategies. Issues that will be addressed include how implementation strategies, consumer services and business planning can assist the progression to digital and mobile services.

The symposium is the fifth in a series of annual events staged by the ABU to help equip radio and television broadcasters in the region with the knowledge to chart and manage their digital transition.

“More and more broadcasters in our region are moving to digital transmission, both radio and television,” ABU Secretary-General, David Astley, said. “The process is an inevitable one but it’s not always easy to keep up to date with technological developments or to decide what business plan to adopt.

“Mobile services offer great opportunities for broadcasters and the more information they have about these services, the better placed they will be to make sound decisions. The symposium will help broadcasters to determine their digital future.”

The symposium’s major sponsors are Broadcast Australia, Harris Corporation and Kordia.

Two major equipment manufacturers are scheduled to launch their new TV studio products at the symposium. “We are very pleased with this development,” Director of the ABU Technical Department, Sharad Sadhu, said. “This reflects positively on the importance of this event and further establishes its position in the broadcasting industry in the region.”