Spanish news agency to track content usage

Atlas, one of the largest news and distribution agencies in Spain, will use Teletrax to monitor the usage of its own news stories as well the news stories of its clients that rely on the Atlas distribution platform.

The organization will become the first company in Spain to use the Teletrax service in the news industry.

According to Luis Barros, commercial and operations director at Atlas, Teletrax will allow Atlas to understand subscriber usage of news footage and provide information of frequent users in domestic markets. Atlas intends to share information with its clients to give them data on when, where and how their footage is used, he added.

Teletrax offers a digital video monitoring and content tracking service that provides broadcast intelligence on a global scale to video providers such as news organizations, TV syndicators, entertainment studios and the advertising industry. The company is a joint venture between Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands and Medialink.

Teletrax maintains a proprietary network of detectors that monitors the TV broadcasts of nearly 1500 channels from more than 50 nations, including all 210 markets in the United States.

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