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Southern fast food chain pilots digital signage network

Fast food corporation The Krystal Company, known across the southern United States, is installing a new digital signage network.

Krystal has turned to the Hammond Communications Group to provide consultation, network procurement and installation, rich media/animated content, custom programming, network operations and training.

The corporation began its investigation into digital signage sometime ago and chose Scala software for the launch. Scala, in turn, recommended the Hammond Communications Group, a certified Scala partner of four years.

Operational since February 2007, the Krystal digital signage system narrowcasts rich media (video, graphics and audio), live TV signals and text crawl content to multiple displays using a three-zoned layout. Displays are located in the store and at 14 exterior car-stall locations.

Although the digital signage system includes interior displays at the order counter and in the seating area, it is the application of the exterior signage that is unique to the QSR market. Outside, Krystal patrons can eat in their cars while parked at one of 14 car stalls. Each stall is equipped with traditional backlight menu boards that have 32in LCD displays.

Arriving automobiles trigger introduction promotion content consisting of animated promotions, marketing messages and Krystal branding that is shown on the LCD display. After placing their order with a curbside waiter, patrons can interact with the display via buttons at the driver side window.

For example, patrons can select to watch TV. By selecting TV, the display changes from full-screen promotion mode to a three-zoned design, where a TV signal, smaller versions of the animated promotions and a text crawl are displayed. Patrons can watch content from networks such as CNN, Nickelodeon, The Weather Channel, The Cartoon Network, ESPN or Fox News. Audio is transmitted via an FM channel.

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