South Carolina school district uses digital media for distance learning

South Carolina's Cherokee County School District has taken a digital approach to education. The district will support distance learning courses at Gaffney High School and Blacksburg High School using a new media encoding system that captures and encodes broadcasts of the courses, which are then made available to students unable to attend those classes in person.

This new ViewCast Niagara GoStream portable streaming media encoder contains ViewCast's EASE (Encode, Access, Setup, Export) menus that provide basic encode/setup from the GoStream's front panel. The three EZStream buttons then allow the school district's non-technical and technical users to select from pre-defined encoding profiles. GoStream creates live streams in industry-standard Windows Media, RealVideo and Flash formats, and saves encoded content in these same formats to local storage at Gaffney High. Students can access and view encoded files at their convenience and, in the future, will have the option of borrowing a mobile device, such as an iPod, and watching the selected class at home.

Full portability and mobility can be achieved with wireless and battery options. These options allow the GoStream system to be used anywhere there is a wireless network. This portability will enable the school district to move the GoStream easily from location to location for a variety of content capture purposes. Among the plans for future use at Cherokee County School District is the capture and encoding of professional development courses for the district's teachers.

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