Sound Devices Unveils A20-Nexus Astral Series Wireless Digital Receiver

Sound Devices
(Image credit: Sound Devices)

REEDSBURG, Wisc.—Sound Devices has introduced A20-Nexus Astral Series wireless receiver with SpectraBand technology, which supports a tuning range of 470 MHz to 1525 MHz and exceptional RF filtering, the company said this week.

The compact digital wireless receiver is designed for use as the hub of the Astral wireless range, which includes the A20-Mini and A20-RX, the company said.

The true diversity A20-Nexus digital receiver offers a wide tuning range, 8-channel support (with 12- and 16-channel support available via software with an additional license) and NexLink integrated long distance remote control, it said.

NexLink enables long-distance control of transmitters as well as Real Time Spectrum Analysis (RTSA). The A20-Nexus can be controlled with a mobile phone or tablet using a web app. The unit also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Dante, the company said.

Among its features are GainForward to eliminate the need for adjusting transmitter gain and easy docking to any Sound Devices 8-series mixer-recorder via the A20-QuickDock, it said.

“The Astral Series is the culmination of years of research and development in wireless technology to design robust, versatile solutions for mobile RF professionals that can be used around the world,” said Sound Devices CEO Matt Anderson. “With A20-Nexus, we sought to not only provide the ultimate portable receiver for our customers in film and television production, but also the Astral Series to meet the rapidly growing needs for wireless in live event production, musical theater, corporate AV, houses of worship and more.”

Sound Devices is shipping the A20-Nexus, which has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $14,495.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

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