Sony’s real-time video transmission system goes multichannel

Sony has announced a new version of its Location Porter, a professional-use real-time video transmission system that can receive images from up to 12 locations at the same time.

The Location Porter uses mobile phone networks and the Internet to transmit high-quality video in real time without a mobile unit. The new system consists of the Sony RVT-SD200 transceiver and the RVT-MR200 multichannel receiver.

Sony introduced its first Location Porter in February 2009. The RVT-SD100 audio-visual transceiver could be used for both transmission and reception of one channel. It transmits video in real time via a mobile network (NTT Docomo Corp’s FOMA service in Japan) and the Internet.

The new system enables users to send images from up to 12 transmitters to one receiver at the same time. Because of its small size, the Location Porter can be used not only for broadcasting but also for many other purposes. This includes emergency communications and for monitoring offices and construction sites.