Sony unveils OLED displays for reference master monitor applications

Sony has introduced two new OLED displays, 25in and 17in reference-grade BVM-E Series monitors, which incorporate processing and imaging capabilities designed to give digital production professionals a replacement for CRTs in critical evaluation applications.

The new monitors, the 25in BVM-E250 and 17in BVM-E170, offer several features specifically designed for professional master monitoring. Delivering full-HD resolution on OLED panels with 10-bit drivers, the BVM-E Series uses a newly developed Sony Professional Display Engine. The OLED processor is designed to bring out the full performance of a master monitor, producing deep blacks with high dynamic range, blur-free motion, wide color gamut and accurate picture reproduction.

The new TRIMASTER EL lineup is refined with its new electro-luminescence displays, expanding the capabilities of Sony’s TRIMASTER technology. This maximizes the performance capabilities of professional flat-panel displays to deliver higher levels of color accuracy and color reproduction, precision imaging and consistent picture quality.

The BVM-E250 will be delivered in mid-April, and the BVM-E170 will be available in June.