Sony Unveils 200 Hz Model in Bravia Series

Sony has added a 200 Hz model in its Bravia HD series—the Z5500—which the firm says optimizes its latest cutting-edge technology to represent accurate motion within fast-action HD video.

Sony calls its new technology "Motionflow 200Hz" and "Image Blur Reduction," which is designed to sharply reduce motion-blurring of fast-moving images such as sports and action movies. The Z5500 will complement Sony's new home theater system (HT-CT500), the company said, to create a more immersive 1080p viewing/audio experience for HD users.

While most HD units are typically 60 Hz, and some are 120 Hz (an option widely marketed in the 2008 holiday sales season), this is believed to be among the first 200 Hz sets on the market.

Sony said the 200 Hz scheme uses "sophisticated algorithms" that calculate three additional frames for every original frame—thereby growing the rate from 50 to 200 fps. Its Image Blur Reduction software then "cleans" the original frames before any new-frame insertions.