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SONICblue Expands ReplayTV Strategy

In an effort to prime the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) market, SONICblue Inc. plans to expand its ReplayTV strategy by offering a new low-cost DVR to the mass consumer market in the second half of 2002. The DVR will have many of the company's ReplayTV 4000 features and be priced below competing products. The company will also continue to target the high-end DVR market.

The mass-market DVR will support all basic DVR functions, including SONICblue's "Commercial Advance" technology, which lets the consumer choose whether or not to watch commercials, be modem or broadband-enabled and allow in-home streaming so recordings can be watched in several rooms.

SONICblue will also launch other products that deploy ReplayTV technology. The company will supplement the mass-market DVR offering with the ReplayTV 4000 line and will take advantage of the Dual-Deck capabilities in its Go-Video products to introduce new ReplayTV functionality.