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Snell & Wilcox offers Comet ingest system

Snell & Wilcox has introduced a new ingest system that can be used by broadcasters in IT-based television facilities. Called Comet, the new ingest system takes advantage of the recent standardization of the MXF and SMPTE RP-210 metadata dictionary. The company said it is interoperable with a new generation of broadcast equipment based on the new IT standards.

The Comet empowers broadcasters to use open standards to move away from single-vendor, proprietary technology and to create multivendor server and asset-management systems with complete interoperability.

The lack of interoperability between systems from different vendors and the inability to move files among them has been one of the most significant challenges facing broadcasters. Comet changes this by enabling broadcasters to pick and choose products from vendors who adopt newly available open standards such as AAF and MXF. The result will be easy file exchange between systems, and the ability to use generic computer hardware.

Comet is based on another new Snell & Wilcox technology called MediaX, a high-bandwidth PCI multi-codec that runs with any standard Windows PC. The company said it and other vendors will begin to develop a range of new products on the MediaX platform that includes playout servers, character generators, logo inserters and nonlinear editors.

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