Snell Offers Free 15-Day Alchemist Trial

READING, ENGLAND—Snell announced a free 15-day trial for its image processing solution, Alchemist OD. A scalable, file-based software product, it enables motion-compensated image transformation on demand. As well as a free trial, the software is now available to buy online.

Engineered with content owners and post-production facilities, Alchemist OD combines Snell’s image processing expertise with commodity IT equipment, saving time and money while safeguarding quality. Its Service Oriented Architecture and floating license model provides the versatility to evolve and adapt with changing business requirements. Simplicity of integration via watch folders or with Media Asset Management systems, using the open FIMS API, allows seamless global program exchange and multi-device content delivery.

A single Alchemist OD license is $16,000. Volume-based discounts are also available.