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Snell offers 1080p functionality for no additional cost

Snell has announced that it will now offer 1080p functionality at no additional charge for all 1080p-capable products. The move eliminates extra cost, the most commonly cited barrier to adoption of fully progressive workflows.

Many of the company's products currently operate internally at the 3Gb/s bandwidth required for 1080p formats, including its Kahuna production switchers, Sirius routing switchers, Alchemist Ph.C-HD frame-rate converters, KudosPro signal-processing products and the IQ Modular range.

Starting this year, Snell will offer 1080p processing in these products, as well as their future variants, for no additional cost. By making 1080p operation a standard feature, the company addresses the end-user need for equipment that supports an immediate or eventual migration to 3Gb/s operations. As a result, customers can now take advantage of the image-quality benefits inherent in the 1080p production environment cost-effectively, while guaranteeing higher quality deliverables in a variety of derivative distribution formats.