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Snell launches real-time HD Archangel

Snell has released the Archangel Ph.C HD — a real-time video restoration system for HD and SD content. It offers real-time dirt, dust, grain, noise, scratch, instability and flicker removal.

Archangel Ph.C HD works up to 10 times faster than equivalent software products, and delivers a greater quantity of quality SD and HD content far more quickly. In a 3RU chassis, the Archangel Ph.C HD restores material within two to three times its running length. It delivers a clean product that often surpasses the original version while requiring less bandwidth for digital transmission.

The device is available at a price point considerably lower than frame-by-frame restoration. High-quality restoration often proves to be a laborious and time-consuming process requiring frame-by-frame editing; and as a result, a great deal of content remains unrestored. The Archangel Ph.C HD turns this problem into an opportunity.

As a growing number of films, features and drama series are being remastered for sale on DVD and Blu-ray, the Snell system offers the comprehensive restoration necessary for these productions to meet the high quality expectations of consumers watching on large-screen HDTVs and displays.

The restoration system provides a unique combination of stabilization, flicker removal and noise reduction processes, with Ph.C (phase correlation motion compensation) used throughout to guarantee the highest quality results.

Sophisticated artifact detection and measurement systems built into Archangel Ph.C HD allow the operator to configure processes, settings and filters to achieve the best result. The system supports both SD and HD (YCbCr 4:2:2, 10-bit; YCbCr 4:4:4, 10-bit; and RGB 4:4:4, 10-bit) and can be set to output video at the quality level required.