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SMPTE to kick off conference with all-day focus on Digital Cinema

The SMPTE Technical Conference and Exhibition Nov. 9-12 in New York City will kick off its proceedings with a full-day forum on Digital Cinema.

The timeliness of the Digital Cinema focus is underscored by the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) consortium’s finalization of its specification that reflects the consensus of the major studios on an end-to-end digital cinema system, as well as their detailed technical specifications and recommendations relating to all of the primary elements that constitute the total system.

SMPTE has asked representatives from DCI to conduct a detailed tutorial explaining the core sections of the specification during the conference’s morning session Nov. 9.

SMPTE will conduct the afternoon session broadening the focus to explore works in progress relating to digital cinema. The session will encompass some in-depth technical tutorials on technologies central to a digital cinema system, including JPEG 2000 compression, color management and security systems. Representatives from National Association of Theater Owners will outline their present thinking on a rollout model for digital cinema.

The subsequent three days of the conference will highlight recent developments in both digital standard-definition and high-definition television.

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