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SMPTE Honors Miranda Paper with 2012 Journal Award

Sara Kudrle

MONTREAL–The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers has selected a technical paper authored by Miranda Technologies, global provider of integrated solutions for production, playout and delivery systems, as the recipient of its 2012 Journal Award, which is presented to the author of the most outstanding paper originally published in the “SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal” during the preceding calendar year.

The paper, entitled “Fingerprinting for Solving A/V Synchronization Issues within Broadcast Environments” was written by Pascal Carrières, hardware designer; Sara Kudrle, senior software engineer; Marco Lopez, senior vice president of product development; and Michel Proulx, chief technical officer.

TV production and distribution systems must deal with audio and video synchronization problems, and the article explored “media fingerprinting,” as a way to resolve synchronization problems by identifying and tracking audio and video files without altering content.

Pascal Carrières  “Media fingerprinting can provide far-reaching benefits for content creators, providers and distributors,” Kudrle said. “In the paper, we discussed those benefits, as well as how professional standardization could facilitate the application of fingerprinting techniques to other media management challenges.”

“Synchronization issues have been an ongoing annoyance for broadcasters and viewers alike. I am proud that we have the intellectual depth and commercial acumen to address those issues; and to be honored by a body of professional peers for our contribution to the discourse is deeply gratifying,” Strath Goodship, president and CEO of Miranda, said.

Kudrle and Carrières will receive the award at the Society’s Honors and Awards Ceremony during the SMPTE 2012 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Hollywood.