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SM Data launches archiving solution using XenData technology

SM Data has introduced StoreData SHARC Lite, a new solution that provides an economical way to archive digital files to LTO data tape.

The new SM Data solution is powered by a XenData6 Workstation from XenData, a provider of digital video archiving and storage solutions for the media and entertainment industry.

The StoreData SHARC Lite leverages XenData6 Workstation software, a new product that provides high storage capacity with an interface similar to a hard disk. It archives to and restores from LTO tape using Windows Explorer on a Windows 7 platform, enabling the easy transfer of files to and from LTO by using drag and drop or copy and paste.

This in turn enables files to be quickly and easily archived to tape from any accessible logical letter drive or network share. The application includes a desktop LTO-4 (800GB native) or LTO-5 (1500GB native) tape drive, XenData software and interface card and cable for connection to a Windows 7 workstation.

As files are written to data tape using the IT industry open standard POSIX tar format, the StoreData SHARC Lite also ensures that files can be restored for decades to come using a wide range of native Linux and Unix operating systems, Microsoft Services for Unix, as well as XenData software.