Sky News to use Miranda DV serializer, encoder for ENG application

The DVC-100 units at Sky News are interfaced to the Sony SX DNW A75P camera, allowing access to firewire in/out for desktop editing applications.

Sky News, a 24-hour news channel in the UK, has ordered 10 Miranda Technologies DVC-100 camera-mounted digital video serializer and DV encoder interfaces for remote ENG applications in Afghanistan, Iraq, Dublin and South Africa.

The DVC-100 units at Sky News each are interfaced to a Sony SX DNW A75P camera, which provides firewire I/O.

The DVC-100 operates with Sony's Digital Betacam, Betacam SX and the IMX Digital series, simultaneously converting the digital parallel video out to DV, composite and SDI formats. The DV signal includes video, audio, time code and metadata. The interface can be used with a DV recorder or a laptop editor for rough-cut editing in the field.

The DVC-100 also provides aspect ratio conversion, safety zone and center markers, and an external time code (LTC) input. The interface is powered from the camera's battery, and its power-management system takes minimal current because only the circuits in use are powered.

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