Sinclair Implements Masstech Transcoders

The Sinclair Broadcast Group is now using Masstech’s CatchBlue v7.5 Special Edition transcoder systems at all 58 of its television stations for processing content from the Pitch Blue and Javelin syndicated content delivery services.

“Not all transcoders are created equal, so it is essential when transcoding HD content to maintain quality, and Masstech’s box does it at lightning speed with great efficiency,” said Del Parks, Sinclair Broadcast Group’s VP of engineering and operations. “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Masstech because their system works so well and their project engineers have attended to every detail. We are very happy with the high quality transcodes that Masstech provides.”

The CatchBlue v7.5 technology allows transcoding to be performed four times faster than in real time, reducing both content preparation time and operating costs for broadcasters. The Masstech system eliminates the labor-intensive and repetitive processes usually associated with processing of content from multiple sources and allows accelerated workflows at Sinclair.