Sim Video acquires Fujinon PL series zoom lenses

Sim Video, a video equipment rental company in Toronto, has added the Fujinon PL series zoom lenses to its comprehensive rental inventory. The new purchase includes the 18-85mm/T2.0 and 75-400mm/T2.8-T3.8 lenses, which are the first from Fujinon’s new PL series of zoom lenses and are designed for the latest digital and film PL mount cameras. Two additional models, offering focal ranges of 14.4-45mm/T2.0 and 24-180mm/T2.6, will be available by April.

Rudolf Blahacek, director of photography on the pilot for “Men with Brooms,” used the Fujinon 18-85mm/T2.0 lens from Sim Video in combination with Zeiss Master Primes. He said the lens’ 2.0 stop allowed him to use the one lens 80 percent of the time on his “A “camera.

Over the years, Sim Video has made considerable investments in Fujinon ENG lenses and E series zooms. As early adopters/investors in the E series product line, Sim Video was able to offer the production community high-quality optical performance in a 2/3in HD environment.

All four zooms are similar in size and weight. Uniform gear placement and front barrel diameters enable quick and efficient lens changes.