Silex Media enables Euronews to centralize its editing storage

The new storage system was integrated without interruption of regular operations.

Euronews, in Lyon, France, is using a new centralized Linux-based storage system that allows shared access for its NLE clients. The new system will be used for all ingest and editing tasks, while the existing storage system mainly serves as storage for edited material and as an interface to the archive.

Silex Media was responsible for re-establishing the interfaces between the system components as well as integrating the new Linux-based workflows. Besides delivering and implementing the SGI storage system, Silex media integrated existing hardware and software components from Aveco, SGI and Avid.

To speed the editing process, DAVID Systems’ Hydrogen Media Accelerator (HMA) central ingest service was used to support the system workflow by adding edit-while-ingest functionality. The HMA technology has allowed Euronews to record more than 15 simultaneous streams on video servers and provides access to the content of the 20 editing stations on the new shared storage. This content is available in less than five seconds after the recording has started.

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