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Signal Procesing at the 2013 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS -- Over the years, equipment categories have had gains and losses, but never before in the world of signal processing have there been more encoders, transcoders, and streaming appliances. While the entire industry is indeed busy, it seems that the SDI/data world is in a vortex of growth and this year’s NAB Show will reflect that.

Digital Alert Systems will be showcasing its DASDEC-II Emergency Messaging Platform for emergency alert and CAP management in a fully integrated package. Its feature set includes automatic FCC-compliance logging with non-volatile memory, as well as a browser-based interface.

Gorman-Redlich will demo the CAP-DEC 1, CAP-to-EAS converter. The unit meets or exceeds all applicable specifications and helps broadcasters meet the CAP requirements using their current EAS equipment. The unit features the logging of EAS alerts in electronic format.

TFT will introduce a new single EASCAP device, the EAS911+, a new fourstream video overlay, and an SDI/HDI/ASI monitor for the CALM Act compliance that includes both video and audio alarms and 1TB recording capabilities standard and 2TB optional.

AmberFin will introduce new enterprise- class features for iCR, including the integration of Softel’s Swift vTX with AmberFin’s iCR, which supports transcoding to a wide array of media formats while delivering the correctly formatted subtitle, caption and ancillary data.

Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), will debut BIMvid Live, an HTTP live streaming service that automates conversion of broadcast closed captions for live streams. BIMvid Live converts broadcast caption data direct from HD-SDI video signals during encoding and embeds the data in HLS streams that are accessible from any device.

EEG will roll out its new1260 iCap Proxy, which transforms any CC encoder into an iCap encoder, the iCap Video realtime IP captioning system, and the complete Streaming Caption Toolkit. The company will also showcase the HD490 digital closed captioning and HD VANC encoding solution.

ENCO Systems will debut en- Caption3, its latest generation automated captioning utility.

Nexidia QC Nexidia will demo Nexidia QC, an automated closed caption and video description application that ensures compliance, caption alignment, and language identification for broadcast and IP distribution. Also check out Nexidia CC Director, which repurposes on-air closed captioning for broadcast and IP distribution.

Softel Swift Create Softel will showcase Swift Create, subtitle and caption creation and repurposing workstation, along with Swift TX, a subtitle/ caption management and transmission platform that reduces workflow complexity. For Video Description Software, Swift ADePT subtitle/caption preparation software will be available for review.

ABE Elettronica will showcase its EMX series MPEG-2/4 SD/HD encoders, available in a single rack drawer. Applications include terrestrial and satellite, Webcasting, and IP streaming.

Adtec Digital will mark the NAB debut of its EN-91P 1080p encoder, an ultra-low delay 1080p MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HD encoder. Paired with Adtec’s RD-70 IRD, it delivers picture-to-picture services in 100 ms. Also at the booth, the RD-70 1080P receiver, a multi-codec ultra-low, low- and normal-delay MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HD IRD.

Ateme Kyrion Ateme will showcase its Kyrion CM5000 encoder, a modular contribution MPEG-2/4 encoder, featuring high bit-rate support and built-in video monitor, as well as the companion Kyrion DR5000 decoder. Both models feature dual power supplies and a front panel LCD display with newly designed UI.

Digital Rapids will highlight Transcode Manager 2.0 powered by Kayak, high-volume, file-based media processing. Also check out the new StreamZ Live 8000EX integrated multiscreen and broadcast live encoder, and the StreamZHD multiformat, live and file-based encoding system.

Envivio will mark the NAB debut of its Muse Live, designed for 24x7 TV services over satellite, cable, and IP networks. Muse compresses live SD or HD TV signals to any format and resolution while maintaining proper video quality. Also on display, Envivio Halo, which supports time-shifted TV applications.

Ericsson will mark the NAB debut of its SVP 5500 HEVC encoder.

Eurotek will display the Eurotek Head Hend encoder/decoder, which supports up to six boards and can handle formats such as SDI, Analog, HD/SD, AES-EBU.

Haivision Makito X Series Haivision will debut its Makito X H.264 encoding platform with dual-channel HD encoding, as well as Makito X2, which delivers twice the quality at half the bandwidth. Makito X2 features 55 ms of encoding latency, an extensive feature set, and the ability to deliver multiple bitrates from each source.

Matrox will show the MXO2 LE MAX, which provides broadcast-quality input, output and monitoring and is designed for leading editing apps. The MX02 turbocharges H.264 encoding and is also a capture solution for streaming live events.

Miranda will offer up a new frame sync input card for the Nvision 8500 series of hybrid routers and a new, high-density, streaming media encoder for the Densite modular line, the SME-1901.

Pixelmetrix is launching the rugged Pelican video encoder for remote newsgathering, enterprise video, hospitality, government, education and healthcare applications. Setup and configuration is done via the built-in HTML5 Web interface and all Pelican models—Pelican-Analog, Pelican-SD and Pelican-HD—support live IP streaming from the built-in Ethernet port.

Screen Service Broadcasting will show their ENC333A encoder, which encodes SD/HD formats in MPEG-2 and H.264. The ENC335 is an HD video-over-IP encoder that encodes in real time and transmits files over IP using JPEG2000.

Thomson Video Networks Solutions will showcase the ViBE EM Series of MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC encoders; the ViBE VS7000 video system, an “anything in, anything out” encoding/transcoding platform; the RD6000 contribution receiver decoder, and the ViBE CP6000 contribution platform.

Vitec will show the Optibase MGW Pico encoder, an ultra small professional grade encoder offering full featured HD/SD H.264 encoding and streaming with KLV metadata support.

Blackmagic Designs is holding its product news until the show, but the company will return with its DeckLink 4K Extreme, a PCI Express capture card adds 4K playback and a much faster PCI Express Generation 2 connection to provide higher resolution video.

Cobalt Digital will bring a new series of terminal gear cards, including the DCDA downconverter/distribution amplifier, and the DCDA-3G and DCDA-3G2 dual down converters with 3G, frame sync and AES outputs. Also at the show, Blue Box Group fiber units and a range of throwdown modular bricks.

Crystal Vision will showcase its ViVid 3G variable video delays, along with the Synner 310, a video synchronizer, tracking audio delay and embedder/deembedder for 3 Gbps, HD and SD. Also in their booth, the Tandem 310, a combined embedder and de-embedder for 3 Gbps, HD and SD sources.

Decimator Design will showcase its line of up/down/cross converters, multiviewers, audio monitoring gear, and test pattern generators, including the MdCross, a portable converter that features 54 test patterns, an easy-to-use push button and LCD control system. The company will also show its small-footprint Decimator 2 which converts 3G, HD, and SD SDI signals to both HDMI and NTSC/PAL video, with simultaneous scaling on both outputs and a de-embedded analog audio output.

ESE will highlight its HD-455/SD/1, an HD/SD timecode reader/video inserter, and the HD-491/SD, an HD/SD SDI timecode decoder/generator that accepts an SDI signal. Also on parade, the DV-228 1 x 8 SDI digital video distribution amplifier (3G/HD/SD) with a loop through input.

For-A will demo its FA-9520 full dual channel multipurpose video processor, the FA-1010 10-channel HD frame sync, and IP encoders, including the IP-9610 with improved latency, IP-900, and IP-920 HD/SD H.264 video encoders/decoders. Also on show, HEVC and Ultra HD encoders.

Gefen Pro AV Group, which now includes Megenta Research and TVOne, will roll out its 3G SDI audio embedder/ de-embedder, along with the GefenPRO 3G SDI scalers. For displays, check out the Gefen ToolBox Ultra HD Splitters, which include1:2, 1:4 and 1:8 distributions.

Harris Selenio Harris will show the Selenio Networking Module, which enables circuitswitched transport networks to transmit and receive video, audio and data between two Selenio frames. Also for review, the MDP6801+D metadata/data processing module and the X50 frame synchronizer/ converter.

NVerzion will introduce NGuide, a new tool designed to ensure the integrity of electronic programming guide information. NGuide allows broadcasters to select multiple daily schedules to create a compatible text-formatted list, to be published to the customer’s EPG Web server.

Ross Video will have for review v6.0 of its OpenGear DashBoard, with enhanced control over openGear, NK routers, and MC1 master control with new features including Virtual Panels and PanelBuilder. Also on-hand will be the Ross Nielsen Ratings encoders, offering clients that use compressed domain Nielsen watermarks an upgrade path to next generation technology.

Studio Technologies will show its Model 5152 Video Generator/Audio Embedder Module, which allows four stereo digital audio signals to be embedded into the SDI signal.

Vector 3 will be on stage with the Vector3 Supervisor, specifically designed for TV channels which need to rebroadcast content with a delay, but at the same time, would like to remove or replace some parts of the programs or commercials, and also add graphics or video effects.

Actus Digital will display Actus Clip Factory, which repurposes broadcast media in full HD quality.

Blackmagic Design will show the Mini Converter SDI Multiplex and Mini Converter SDI to HDMI 4K.

Ensemble Designs will show off new high-resolution support for its line of BrightEye Mitto high-performance scan converters.

Lawo North America will highlight the V__pro8 for cross-format conversion and color correction as well as embedding and de-embedding.

Matrox will be at the show with the Convert DVI Plus, a cost-effective HD-SDI scan converter that lets broadcasters incorporate content from computers, iPads and iPhones into news programs.

Snell KudosPro MC500 Snell will show the KudosPro MC500, a low-cost signal processing platform that includes motion-compensated frame-rate conversion. The MC500 provides up/, down/cross-conversion from any broadcast standard to any other broadcast standard. Also at the show, the new IQ Modular range of format converters.

Wohler will debut the RadiantGrid New Media Automation Platform, which offers a solution for transcoding, standards conversion and audio processing in applications including loudness correction, quality control, and distribution of media, while also integrating with traffic and rights management systems.

Apantac will launch its new Tahoma IP Multiviewer, the latest addition to Tahoma Universal input Multiviewer platform that accepts DVI, VGA, YPbPr, YC, composite, HDMI and SD-SDI/HD-SDI inputs for multi-image display. Also new, the Tahoma ULTRA-4K Multiviewer, which boasts four outputs for driving a single ultra hi-res monitor with 4K resolution (3,840 x2 160 pixels).

The company is also expanding its Micro platform with the addition of the MicroQ-S, a simplified quad-split microviewer, Micro- Single scaler/converter, which accepts 3G/ HD/SD-SDI inputs and provides simultaneous HDMI and SDI outputs, and the Micro- UDX up/down/cross-converter.

Harris will have on hand the HView SX Pro multiviewer, which delivers a compact signal processing and monitoring option for control room environments. Its high-density design accommodates more sources and outputs in fewer RUs to reduce system and installation costs.

Matrox MicroQuad Matrox is offering the Matrox Micro- Quad, a four-channel SDI-to-HDMI multiviewer for 3G/HD/SD. It provides up to four SDI video signals and VU meters.

Skylark Technology will highlight the SL NEO 8000 multiviewer which allows users to create and save multiscreen configurations for the monitoring of multiple SDI or MPEG-TS over IP/ASI streams in master control, production, postproduction, Web streaming or other facilities.

TVOne will show the C3-540 Corio master, which combines edgeblending, video wall processing, multiviewing, windowing, image warping, and video processing with up/down/cross-conversion in one device. Also for review, the C2-6204 and the C2-6104A multiviewers.

Wohler will showcase several multidisplay solutions, including the RMQ Series quad-split video monitors and RMV16 multiviewer. The RMV16 accepts analog composite video, component, SD-SDI, HDSDI, and 3G, and it provides outputs in VGA, DVI, and HDMI formats. The 1 RU model supports up to 16 inputs and eight outputs.

Digital Anarchy will release v3.0 of Beauty Box Video for applying “Digital Makeup” and automatically retouching video. New enhancements include better automatic masking, more than 50 styles that can be applied to the footage, and improved platform support.

Broadpeak will unfold the umbrellaCDN, allowing content providers to allocate the ideal CDN for their content according to various criteria. Also at the show, Conditional Access System- Compliant Adaptive Streaming, technology that enables pay-TV operators to support adaptive streaming protocols.

DVEO will show off the MPEG Magnus, featuring 40 streams, 16 core, broadcast quality, real-time, SD or HD (up to 1080p), IP to IP, MPEG-2 to H.264 transcoder, scaler, and streamer.

Emotion Systems will launch the eVe (Emotion Video Engine), a file-based media toolbox comprised of a media analyzer, player, and XML export tool that allows preprocessing and preparation of filebased media for multiplatform authoring.

Fujitsu IP-9610 Fujitsu will bring their IP encoders, including a new firmware release that improves end-to-end latency for its IP-9610, IP-900, and IP-920 HD/SD H.264 video encoders/decoders. Fujitsu’s H.264 video encoders/decoders are now capable of operating at less than 99ms back-to-back latency. And don’t miss the company’s HEVC and Ultra HD encoders.

Net Insight will introduce the Nimbra VA 210 video appliance which improves quality of service over unmanaged IP first-mile connections. The company will also hold a live video transport demo of video over IP from Stockholm to Las Vegas (5,300 miles) at its booth.

Nevion will showcase its Flashlink live media networking system, which provides 10Gbps uncompressed video transport, Ethernet, data and communications over IP, asynchronous transport of multiplexed audio, and digital sync distribution, all with the highest fiber utilization and zero latency. will demonstrate Sync, a unique toolkit for syncing ad content and creating robust two-way engagement between first and second screens.

Sencore TXS 8600 Live Streaming Transcoder Sencore will showcase the TXS 8600 transcoder, which offers high-density, multiprofile encoding and transcoding for real-time adaptive bit rate videostreaming. The TXS 8600 is ideal for delivering live events to millions of simultaneous viewers and building virtual multichannel cable tier offerings for OTT video services.

Softron Media Services is bringing their Streaming Node and OnTheAir Video products. SMS will be announce a new built-in streaming capability for OnTheAir Node and OnTheAir Video. OnTheAir Node has been updated to allow direct HLS streaming without any additional hardware.

Telestream will showcase the new Vantage Cable/IPTV transcoder, developed specifically to automate content preparation and delivery for cable VOD and IPTV workflows. It offers full 16-bit video processing and the use of the x264 (H.264) codec. Also for review, live video streaming solutions based on Telestream Wirecast.

ViewCast will exhibit the 9100-4D digital high-density encoder, and will demo Osprey 845 and 820 video capture cards. In addition, the Osprey 825, 210e and 100e will be displayed but not demo’ed.