SID2008: Samsung Demos 2160p Quad HD

If 1080p is “full HD,” as marketers like to refer to it, what does that make double-1080p? “Quad,” of course. Huh?

Samsung displayed an 82-inch Quad HD LCD with 2160p monitor last week at the annual meeting of SID (Society for Information Display), held in Los Angeles. Monitors with 1080p have 1920×1080 resolution, whereas Samsung said Quad “ultra definition” technology doubles the viewing pleasure, at least technically, at 3840×2160 (2160p). The unit shown at SID, which is making the rounds of other shows globally, features a backlight of red/green/blue LED—which the firm said raises color saturation to 150 percent and boasts an image refresh rate of 120 Hz.

While Samsung is showing the Quad as a sign of things to come to the typical consumer eventually, 2160p monitors already exist—although their current high costs are keeping them off retail shelves and mostly in the hands of wealthy corporations for finite data display purposes, such as in the oil industry.