Shure Powers USC Music Program

Acknowledging the need for professional-grade microphones, the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music turned to Shure to equip their new soundstage.

The 3,200 square foot space is used for the school’s new “Popular Music” program, available to students pursuing various musical styles and concentrating on small ensemble performance, live performance, studio and film scoring sessions. Renowned front of house engineer J.D. Brill was consulted for advice on optimizing the sound of the new audio space, and he suggested Shure microphones.

“J.D. said that in order for these kids to learn their craft, we needed to give them Shure gear to work with,” said Christopher Sampson, associate dean of the Thornton School of Music, in a press release. “He feels there are no better tools to teach them about striving for the best possible sound quality. As a performer myself, who’s used Shure microphones for years, I knew he was right.”

From that advice, the university acquired a full range microphones, including SM57s and SM58s for vocals, a complete drum package and several KSM series models. The program’s students have reportedly gone on to write number one songs, win national songwriting competitions, have songs placed in numerous television shows and films and work in multiple areas of the music industry.