ShowTec increases flexibility in live productions

Looking for increased flexibility in its productions, ShowTec, a company that runs technical and creative operations for special events and corporate theater projects, is improving the speed and precision with which it accesses digital content during events.

The company employs the DNF Controls 2044CL clip instant access controller for use in major productions that require accurate control of and quick access to video content from multiple media sources. ShowTec has used the 2044CL unit at a variety of live events including QUALCOMM’s BREW 2007 Conference, which drew more than 2500 attendees and featured nearly 100 video rolls.

The 2044CL clip instant access controller provides one-button access to clips stored in a video server or DDR. The 2044CL comprises DNF Controls' ST400 controller, the ST420 Shotbox and specialized clip software to allow instant access to 300 clips or clip combinations. Ten banks of 30 electronically reprogrammable shotkeys on the shotbox display the assigned clip name for quick and easy access to a single clip, fill clip/key clip combination or up to eight channels of clips.

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