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Shanghai TV Selects Leitch for Master Control Room

Leitch was selected by Shanghai TV to install a peripheral system of products to its new master control room. The installation includes Leitch's 6800+ and NEO modular interface products under the control of CCS Navigator real-time control and monitoring system.

"We are impressed with Leitch's advanced, integrated system, and especially the CCS Navigator control and monitoring application, which features a superior graphical user interface that we believe will provide us with a more flexible, user-friendly master control room," said Liu Jianghong, chief engineer, Shanghai TV.

Leitch's 6800+ modular platform features module capacity up to 20 cards in a 2RU frame, support of new standards including HD, IP-based control capabilities and backward-compatibility with all the existing infrastructure.

NEO is an integrated platform that offers modular products; including a software application that allow users to create customizable GUIs.