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Shanghai Media Group prepares for OB coverage of Olympics

Shanghai Media Group (SMG), one of China’s leading broadcast companies, is using a variety of Vinten heads, tripods and other accessories to equip its OB trucks for the Olympics in August.

Formed in 2001 from a merger of four domestic Shanghai-based radio and TV companies, SMG has consistently broadened its coverage base and audience, launching a new all-English news channel in 2007, which reaches audiences in Asia, Europe and North America via satellite transmission and in co-operation with local broadcasters. SMG has a dedicated sports channel that will carry most of the Olympics coverage, supplemented with updates on its news channel.

For outdoor broadcast of the Olympics, Shanghai Media Group’s OB trucks are equipped with Vector 70 pan-and-tilt heads, HDT-1 heavy-duty tripods and ENG dollies.

The Vector pan-and-tilt heads are easy to adjust, which could save time for operators as they cover fast-moving sports, said Lin Yunchuan, SMG vice director of transmissions. Another appealing aspect of the heads is Vinten’s “perfect balance” system, which offers precisely the right of amount of torque to counterbalance the camera throughout its tilt range, according to SMG.

SMG also will rely on Vinten’s HDT-1 heavy duty single-stage tripods with a maximum payload capacity of 308lbs. The tripods will support the large camera and lens combinations SMG will use during the Olympics.

For smooth, moving coverage of track events, SMG will use the Vinten ENG/EFP folding OB dolly, equipped with fast-action, foot-operated brakes.

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