SGL launches MXF Partial File Restore

Software Generation has added MXF Partial File Restore to the capabilities of its SGL FlashNet Archive Management Suite.

MXF Partial File Restore has been developed by SGL to allow short clips of far longer material to be restored from an archive environment in an effortless manner. For example, a two-hour movie has been archived at broadcast resolution and an editor wants to retrieve part of it to create a trailer highlighting its upcoming broadcast. The editor does not need to restore the whole movie at broadcast resolution to create this sub-clip for the trailer.

The operator views the movie in browse quality, selects the in point and out point of the desired clip, the automation or asset management system will then instruct the SGL API to access the appropriate section. MXF Partial File Restore then retrieves the designated section directly from the library and creates a new MXF-wrapped broadcast resolution file.

That is then transferred to the required destination, for example the edit suite or playout server. SGI said the feature has obvious benefits in terms of speed and efficiency and overall cost, particularly when looking at managing the storage capacities in an HD environment.

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