Sezmi, YTL Communications partner for quadruple play

Sezmi, an over-the-top (OTT) TV system available in 36 U.S. metropolitan markets, has partnered with YTL Communications in Malaysia to create a wireless “quadruple-play” service. The service will offer voice, data and TV services to home consumer electronics devices and mobile devices via a hybrid broadcast/4G WiMax wireless network. In addition to designing and managing the DTV network’s construction, Sezmi will provide the services necessary to ensure that the service works seamlessly with a range of consumer electronics devices. The content planned for the network includes live TV, VOD movies and Internet video. Sezmi’s hybrid digital TV solution is designed to work well and deploy cost-effectively in situations with limited broadband and telco infrastructure, such as DSL. The partnership’s efforts are intended to establish Malaysia as a hub for digital broadcasting in the region.