SES Demos 8K Content Delivery Via Satellite

LUXEMBOURG—SES’ Industry Days featured a first for European broadcasters, a demonstration of an 8K signal being directly broadcasted to a flat screen TV via a built-in satellite receiver, a collaboration between SES, Spin Digital and Samsung.

The signal is coming from the ASTRA 28.2-degrees East orbital slot. Spin Digital’s HEVC encoder is encoding the 7680x4320 pixel, 50fps 8K content at a bitrate of 70Mbps. SES handles the transmission on a single 33 MHz transponder using DTH broadcast parameters. The signal is then directly received by the 82-inch Samsung 8K Q950RB QLED production model TV, which is using DVB-S2 transmission parameters for this demonstration.

The demo is designed to showcase how satellite is already capable of reliably providing transmission bitrates necessary to distribute 8K signals across continents.

“The collaboration with SES is helping to define the compression and quality settings for the new 8K format exploiting all the potential of the HEVC coding technology,” said Mauricio Alvarez-Mesa, CEO of Spin Digital. “Our next step is to enable similar quality and compression for live 8K HEVC.”