SES Delivers TV To 336 Million Homes Worldwide

(Image credit: SES)

LUXEMBOURG—Despite a decline of 6 million households in North America, satellite operator SES worldwide saw an increase to 336 million homes around the globe receiving TV satellite channels it delivers, which leads the industry when measured by number of homes reached, according to new market research from the company. 

SES now delivers 8,400 TV channels, of which more than 3,100 are HD or UHD, another “record-breaking number,” the company said.

The research, SES’s annual Satellite Monitor accounting of the reach of satellite TV, shows growth in Africa, APAC and Latin America, up 9.1 million, 1 million and 1.7 million, respectively, largely responsible for driving the overall increase. The regions have seen growth in direct-to-home satellite platforms, and. IPTV also has continued to gain traction, it said.

In Europe, via its 19.2 degrees East satellite, SES is reaching 117 million homes, delivering content to half of all TV homes in the market with satellite, cable or IPTV. However, the company saw a decline of 6 million in North America as audiences have adopted streaming alternatives, the research revealed.

In Africa, SES has continued to expand its satellite reach due to the growth of Ethiopia’s free-to-air offering, which includes Ethiosat, the country’s first dedicated TV platform. SES also has led an intensive program to get TV viewers in Ethiopia to repoint their dishes at the satellite positioned at 57 degrees East for the past two years, advancing the company to a position of prominence among satellite TV homes in Ethiopia, it said.

The new research offers a breakdown of TV households SES serves by market. It revealed:

Market              TV Homes
Europe               170 million

North America    59 million

Africa                    46 million

Latin America     44 million

Asia Pacific          34 million

Middle East         13 million

 The research also found surging uptake of television about multiple African markets with TV penetration growing 27% since 2017. The company attributes the growth to increasing popularity of satellite service for TV reception. 

In Europe, the research noted, free-to-air satellite TV has remained strong over the past five years, illustrating the value proposition of satellite TV and its status as a natural complement to OTT service. IPTV uptake also continues to grow around Europe while terrestrial TV has declined.

SES has conducted its Satellite Monitor market research for the past 28 years.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

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