Seoul Broadcasting System equips headquarters with Studer consoles

Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) has equipped its facility with several Studer consoles.

Studer provided SBS with D950 and Vista 7 consoles from its distributor, DYC Dong Yang Trading. SBS has installed nine D950M2 and five Vista 7 studio consoles.

The latest installation took place in the broadcaster’s new 27-story facility. The new building provides 126 broadcasting facilities and news automation systems, with all control rooms designed for surround sound as well as HDTV production.

SBS is one of the first all-digital broadcasters with full HDTV production facilities in Korea, transmitting in an all-digital format for the first time through the D950M2 mixing console system – located in studio TS7 – in March 2004.

The TS7 main TV production room also contains a second Studer D950M2 for sound effects. The other studios powered by Studer mixing consoles include the TS3 Main TV Relay Sports Room (two D950M2s for main mix and submix), TS4 News Center (two D950M2s for main mix and submix), SBS Film Dubbing 1 (Vista 7), SBS Film Dubbing 2 (two Vista 7s) and SBS Effects Room (Vista 7).

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