Senate Schedules Simington FCC Nomination Hearing

(Image credit: FCC)

WASHINGTON—Nathan Simington is scheduled to have his day before the Senate for his nomination to become a commissioner for the FCC. The hearing, conducted by the Senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, will take place on Nov. 10.

Simington was nominated by President Donald Trump to take the commissioner spot that will be vacated by Michael O’Rielly. O’Rielly had his renomination as an FCC commissioner rescinded by the president as a result of his stance against efforts to regulate social media, according to reports.

Simington has served as an advisor at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, a communication advisory team to the president. Simington was involved in NTIA’s efforts to seek social media regulation.

The Nov. 10 date means that the hearing will take place after election day, which depending on the results could mean it is a lame duck session for Trump if he fails to win reelection. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the expected influx of mail-in ballots, it is unclear when a winner for the election will be determined.

O’Rielly has said that he would continue to serve until his term ends, which will happen either with the confirmation of Simington or in January.