Senate Commerce Chairman Announces Hearing on Mobile Protection and Privacy

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV has announced a hearing on consumer protection and privacy in the mobile marketplace, to be held in May.

“Modern technology has connected people around the world and led to great innovations, helpful products and new experiences,” Rockefeller said. “But with new portable technologies consumers are encountering a mobile marketplace that collects and uses a wide range of personal information--often with inadequate or untimely disclosure. Reports of mobile devices tracking the location of users is just the latest in a string of concerns raised in the mobile marketplace. This committee has investigated this in the past, and it is appropriate to review it again. That is why I intend to hold a hearing on this issue next month. Consumers deserve to know exactly what information is being collected about them, how it is being used, and should be able to say no to undesired collection of information. Concentration in the mobile platform market raises further concerns about whether or not competition will drive pro-consumer practices.”

The May hearing on mobile privacy will be the Commerce Committee’s sixth hearing on consumer privacy in the past year.