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Second Annual MoTV Summit to take place at NAB2007

At NAB2007, broadcasters, content providers and telecommunications executives will hash out the latest developments and business models for mobile television at the 2nd Annual MoTV Summit, taking place on Tuesday, April 17, in Las Vegas.

Some of the themes and topics to be discussed include ways of creating revenue-generating mobile TV content; tracking how much time consumers spend watching content and the level of quality they seek; and the best mechanism for delivering television to mobile devices. The keynote speaker this year is Paul Jacobs, CEO of QUALCOMM. Among the major sessions are:

  • Mobile Video: Opportunities and Obstacles
  • Mobile TV: The Battle is Joined
  • Video that Cells
  • Mobile Advertising and Marketing: This Video Brought to You By…
  • Selecting Viable Business Models
  • Creating for the Small Screen and User Generated Content

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