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Screen Services Announces On-Channel Repeater Product

Screen Service America, a manufacturer of transmission equipment for the global market, has announced the introduction of a new on-channel ATSC digital repeater with echo cancellation. The Ark-Echo is designed to serve as a gap filler in market areas underserved by a station’s main transmitting facility. Its echo cancelling technology ensures that optimal signal is delivered to these areas.

“By adding the Ark-Echo to our line of ATSC and ATSC-MH products, we complete our range of solutions and enable broadcasters to have full coverage in all situations, such as indoor penetration for their Mobile DTV service,” said Graziano Casale, director of sales for Screen Service America. “A single high power transmitter cannot offer enough coverage for the entire area for local Mobile DTV, and with the Ark-Echo, complete coverage is now possible, which we know is a key element of success for Mobile DTV.”

The Ark-Echo is designed to cancel any feedback between transmitting and receiving antennas and features software-defined technology. It includes an agile UHF converter, input digital signal monitoring, and amplitude and phase modulation pre-correction.