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Scopus to promote DVB-RCT standard

Scopus Network Technologies and Runcom will promote the implementation of the emerging DVB-RCT standard together.

Because of the new agreement, Scopus will be able to offer a system solution, based on Runcom's technology, to broadcasters for delivering Interactive services over a digital terrestrial platform.

The RCT platform will enable services such as: Video on Demand (VOD), TV voting, TV browsing, video conferencing, interactive games and T-commerce.

The DVB-RCT (Return Channel Terrestrial) standard has been ratified by the DVB committee for terrestrial transmissions (DVB-T) and subsequently adopted by the ETSI (The European Telecommunication Standard Institute) in 2002. It addresses the issue of interaction channel for interactive digital terrestrial television services, complimenting the DVB-T downstream specification.

Scopus and Runcom will have a field trial in Italy with major Italian broadcasters scheduled for the second half of 2003.

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