Scientific-Atlanta to Help Charter Expand Cable Offerings

Scientific-Atlanta's service arm, SciCare Broadband Services, will help Charter Communications Inc. with network readiness plans for 27 cable sites. SciCare helps cable operators manage and maintain digital interactive networks and integrate and launch ITV services. In this case SciCare will provide assistance in network monitoring, software upgrades, project management, technical support and training certification.

Scientific-Atlanta will provide an accounting of Charter's operations and network strengths and weaknesses at 27 sites and 78 hubs, through a SciCare assessment program called OpsNOW/NetNOW. SciCare will also provide recommendations and specialized training to Charter technicians on activating and operating digital customer networks, digital broadband delivery systems troubleshooting and broadband network controller certification.

Charter Communications will also implement SciConnection, a remote network monitoring service that covers bandwidth utilization, general system health and database discrepancies. SciConnection allows Scientific-Atlanta's Digital Broadband Delivery System customers to view real-time customized network information at any time.