Scientific-Atlanta Teaming with Digeo, MetaTV

Scientific-Atlanta Inc. and Digeo Inc. are teaming to develop, manufacture and market a new S-A Explorer home media center to run Digeo's Moxi service. The two companies hope the new set-top box, to be called the "Explorer MC home media center with Moxi," will bring living rooms a step closer to interactivity. They've already struck a deal with Charter Communications Corp. for a rollout in early 2003.

The new box uses an onboard digital cable receiver, an 80-GB hard drive, S-A' s PowerKEY security technology and the Moxi Menu, which the companies call "an intuitive all-media browser," to organize and access television, MP3s and DVDs with a remote control. The MoxiTicker will provide sports scores, stock quotes, news and weather.

The Explorer MC will also be able to function as a home entertainment server, simultaneously sharing PVR content, digital files and services with other TVs and devices throughout the home.

"This platform will enable Charter to deliver a host of broadband-unique services that our competition cannot replicate," said Stephen Silva, Charter executive vice president and chief technology officer.

In addition, S-A certified the MetaTV platform for its existing digital interactive set-top boxes, with Cox Communications set to use the package to roll out interactive applications.

MetaTV is a participant in S-A's CreativEdgeT Developer Program, which encourages third-party developers to create new applications for the Explorer line of set-top boxes.