Schneider markets Hollywood Black Magic camera filters

Schneider Optics has introduced Hollywood Black Magic professional diffusion filters for HD video cameras.

Schneider developed a new line of diffusion filters that combines its HD Classic Soft filters — with their Micro-lenslet design — and the Black Frost filters, which use Black Micropore technology.

Hollywood Black Magic filters remove blemishes and wrinkles while providing a smooth transition in the highlights. These new filters are available in five strengths from 1/8 to 2. The shooter can select from a wide range of diffusion choices from subtly diminishing the “video edge” to removing years off the age of a person. Pleasant softening of bright highlights helps control the exposure while maintaining rich blacks and colors.

Hollywood Black Magic filters are available in popular professional rectangular sizes for HD, DV, and video as well as screw-on sizes for professional DSLR photography.