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Satellite Update

The FCC granted Loral Cyberstar's request to modify its existing Ku-band authorization for Telstar-11R at 37.5 degrees West Longitude (WL) to include operation in the 10.95-11.2 GHz and 13.75-14.0 GHz extended Ku bands, with conditions. Space Communication Corporation's Superbird-C satellite at 143.95 degrees has been added to the Permitted Station List, with the condition that Superbird-C is not authorized to provide any Direct-to-Home (DTH), DBS, or Digital Audio Radio Service (DARS) to, from or within the United States. The FCC also said Superbird-C is not authorized to provide downlink services into the U.S. and its Possessions in the 12.2 to 12.75 GHz band. Authorized frequency bands are 11.902-11.938 GHz, 11.9895-12.0165 GHz, 12.0495-12.0765 GHz, and 12.1095-12.1365 GHz for space-to-Earth transmissions and 14.0-14.5 GHz for Earth-to-space transmissions. Intelsat North America LLC was granted a six-month extension of the launch milestone for INTELSAT AMERICAS IA-8, formerly known as Telstar-8, until March 30, 2005. From FCC Report SAT-00247.

Intelsat LCC filed an application to move C and Ku band satellite INTELSAT 605 from 32.9 degrees East Longitude (EL) to 178.0 EL, effective October 18, 2004. From FCC Report SAT-00246.

WildBlue Holding 1 LLC filed an application requesting an extension of milestone for its first satellite, WildBlue-1 until December 25, 2006. WildBlue said that while construction of the satellite is complete and it should be ready for delivery this fall after final testing, "due to circumstances beyond its control, i.e., the bankruptcy of Space Systems/Loral (Loral), the status of WildBlue-1 is uncertain, which will likely preclude WildBlue from making the arrangements and investments necessary to meet the June 25, 2005 milestone for launch and operation of the satellite. WildBlue seeks to extend this milestone to allow sufficient time to clear the Loral bankruptcy process and arrange for launch of the satellite." Intelsat LLC requested special temporary authority for 60 days to allow in-orbit testing of Intelsat Americas 8 (IA-8) (formerly known at Telstar 8 in the C-, Ku- and Ka- bands at 109.2 degrees W.L, starting with the launch of IA-8, currently scheduled for mid-November 2004. From FCC Report SAT-00245.

EchoStar Satellite LLC was granted authority, with conditions, to construct, launch and operate a satellite at 109 degrees WL using extended Ku-band frequencies. For more information see Order and Authorization DA-04-3163. EchoStar Kux Corporation was granted authority, with conditions, to construct, launch and operate an extended Ku-band satellite at 83 degrees WL. See Order and Authorization DA-04-3162. EchoStar Kux Corporation was also granted authority for an extended Ku-band satellite at 121 degrees WL. See Order and Authorization DA-04-3164 for details.