Satellite Update

ContactMEO Communications, LLC filed an amendment to its application to launch and operate the non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) satellite portion of its proposed Ka-band fixed satellite service system. ContactMEO wants to change its orbital configuration from medium-Earth orbits (MEO) to a combination of highly elliptical orbits (HEO) and geosynchronous circular orbits and reduce the number of NGSO satellites from 16 (plus four spare) to seven Ka-band satellites. The proposed system would consist of three HEO satellites and four satellites in geostationary orbit at 83 degrees and 121 degrees West Longitude (WL) and 34 degrees and 130 degrees East Longitude (EL). For more details on the modifications see FCC Report SAT-00213.

The list of DBS channels available at the 157 degree WL location has been modified to reflect the FCC's grant of EchoStar's request to modify its DBS authorization at that location to use channels 1, 7 and 11 instead of 1, 3 and 5. See Public Notice DA-04-1084 for the revised list of channels available in the DBS auction scheduled for July 14, 2004.

The FCC dismissed an application filed by Mobile Satellite Ventures Subsidiary LLC (MSV) to modify its pending application for a Mobile-Satellite Service (MSS) system for additional Ku-band spectrum for feeder links. See Public Notice DA-04-1095 regarding Application of Mobile Satellite Ventures Subsidiary LLC for Authority to Launch and Operate Replacement Mobile Satellite Service Space Station at 101 degrees W.L.

The FCC granted DirecTV Enterprises authority to launch and operate a new satellite DirecTV 7S to provide DBS service from 119.2 degrees WL in the same DBS satellite cluster as DirecTV 5 at the 119 degrees WL nominal orbit location. DirecTV 7S is a spot beam satellite that will be used to provide local-into-local satellite service. Additional information about DirecTV 7S may be found in the FCC Order and Authorization.