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Sarnoff offers H.264 video on MIPS architecture

MIPS Technologies and Sarnoff Corporation have announced that Sarnoff will offer its latest H.264 codecs on the industry-standard MIPS architecture.

This enables mobile TVs, cell phones, VoIP terminals, and other portable media devices using the MIPS architecture to encode, decode, and display high-resolution, full-motion video for television, teleconferences, movies, camcorder features, music videos and other business and entertainment applications.

The codecs, part of Sarnoff’s line of SelectCores silicon technology, can accommodate video at up to 30fps and up to VGA resolution (640x480). They are compatible with the ITU H.264 and MPEG-4/AVC standards. Included hardware-based accelerators may be implemented for maximum flexibility. Software-only codecs are also available, optimized for the MIPS instruction set.

Sarnoff said its AVC H.264 silicon technology draws low power for long battery life. By selecting which of the hardware-based accelerators is implemented, fabricators can optimize the cost/power tradeoffs to the specific device being designed. This allows them to customize device performance and maintain brand differentiation.

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