Samsung Moving Toward QD-OLED TVs, CEO Confirms

SEOUL—Samsung is hopping back into the OLED market, the company’s CEO, Lee Dong-hoon, confirmed recently to The Korea Herald. “The company is making good efforts” to launch QD-OLED panels in the near future, Dong-hoon told the publication.

QD-OLED refers to "quantum dot organic light-emitting diode" panels, a hybrid of the quantum dot technology found in Samsung’s QLED TVs with OLED design from LG. When commercialized, these panels are expected to be used for TVs.

The technology is reported to use blue OLEDs as a backlight source, with red and green quantum dots printed over the top of the blue OLED layer.

While the company has not confirmed any investment plans as of yet for QD-OLED panels, it is expected that their production will come via converting recently shut down LCD production lines.

“With the LCD production cut, Samsung would accelerate commercialization of QD-OLED in order to maintain its leadership in the high-end display market,” an industry official told The Korea Herald.

No time table has been announced for when Samsung is expected to roll out QD-OLED TVs.