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Samsung Intros 2G LED LCD Series

Samsung is currently rolling out the second generation of its 81 Series LED LCD HD sets with the new Series 9. Like its predecessor, the Series 9 line (which Samsung is dubbing its “flagship” series for 2008) incorporates the company’s LED technology (marketed as “SmartLighting”) which combines LED and 120Hz technologies—providing a 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio with 1080p.

The 2G series also taps into “local dimming” technology targeted to achieving high-end contrast levels and near-absolute “actual black levels” by the ability to totally shut off a pixel’s light source (thus, eliminating some of the gray-black muddiness that can hamper LCD HD screens. (Conversely, Samsung said, entire groups of pixels can be locally controlled to produce more light, when necessary, to enhance the video. Deeper black levels also are attained by the elimination of typical ambient light reflections on the LED screen.)

The Series 9 line will be equipped with four HDMI-CEC inputs to control an array of home theater products using only one universal remote.