SAM IP Infrastructure the Choice for RTL City

NEWBURY, ENGLAND—Broadcasting Center Europe, as the systems integrator for the RTL Group, has decided to go with SAM’s end-to-end IP infrastructure at RTL City, RTL Group’s new Luxembourg headquarters. The infrastructure is designed to consolidate all of the broadcaster’s operations in one location.

The SAM system supports 24/7 broadcasting for a range of channels, including RTL Télé Lëtzeburg, Chamber TV, RTL TVI, Club RTL, Plug TV, RTL 4, RTL 5, RTL 7, RTL 8, RTL Z, RTL 9 and AB Groupe movie channels.

SAM’s IP infrastructure demonstrates full SMPTE ST 2022-7 redundant hitless operation, with recovery from interruption to one IP link. It provides a clear on-air upgrade path from ST 2022-6 and VSF TR-04 to TR-03/ST 2110 with AES67 support. The infrastructure can also deliver 40GbE network technology and SDI-level performance and clean (COTS IP) switching, and was able to support x960 2022-6 video flows, x1103 AES67 audio flows using more than 1104 ports.

In addition, the SAM infrastructure provides user intuitive router control in SDI, IP or hybrid operation on both traditional software and hardware router panels. There is also interoperability with third-party control systems.

The SAM IP routing system is made up of SAM’s Kahuna IP production switchers, IQ-Edge IP processing systems, IP routing control systems and IP Multiviewers. The initial deployment is based around VSF TR-04 using SMPTE 2022-6/7 and AES67 redundant IP streams, with migration to VSF TR-03.