Sachtler develops fluid head for DSLRs

Sachtler has developed a new fluid head specially designed for DSLR filmmakers and news crews. The Cine DSLR has a payload range of 2lbs to 11lbs and is ideal for digital single-lens reflex cameras with an HD video function.

A counterbalance in 10 steps as well as three vertical and horizontal grades of drag allow for professional operation. The head comes with a special camera plate with an antitwist retainer for HD DSLR cameras.

If a video-enabled DSLR is being used for shooting news, precise panning and tilting are only possible with fluid heads equipped with a corresponding tilt range. For smooth horizontal and vertical pans, the Cine DSLR fluid head works with the fully developed technology of larger Sachtler heads, including three-step damping.

The new fluid head also works with Sachtler’s Speedbalance technology that enables a fast and target-oriented counterbalance of the camera setup. The long sliding range of the camera plate as well as the self-illuminating Touch Bubble are practical features of the new head. The Cine DSLR has a tilt range of +90 degrees to -75 degrees.

The Cine DSLR is lightweight, compact and easy to transport. It has a robust metal housing that dependably protects it from exterior influences. Due to lubricated oil damping, shooting is also possible in extreme temperature ranges, as they do not negatively influence the damping.