Sachtler at Games

Sachtler kit will be featured in 13 out of 18 new OB vans and at several studios during the 2008 Olympics.

Jerry Du, Chief Representative for Sachtler in Beijing, emphasises that the crucial decisive factor for choosing Sachtler was the company's long-standing experience in the fields of ENG, EFP and OB. Sachtler products will be used for on-site coverage as well as at studios for interviews, analysis and commentary. The top product will be the fluid head Video 20 SB which will be in use in virtually every OB van or studio.

"When it comes to sports coverage the innovative Speedbalance technology has proven its ability for fast and more detailed shots", says Du. Also, products like the fluid heads FSB 2, FSB 6, DV 12 SB, Video 18 SB, Video 25, Video 60, Video 75, Video 90 and the pedestal Vario Ped 2-75 can be found on the OB vans' and studios' equipment lists.

The following broadcasting organisations have opted for Sachtler products:

  • BTV (2 OB vans)
  • CCTV (2 OB vans, studio)
  • Hunan ETV (OB van)
  • Shanghai TV (OB van, studio)
  • Jinan TV (OB van)
  • Qingdao TV (OB van)
  • Inner Mongolia TV (OB van)
  • Zhejiang TV (OB van)
  • Jiangsu TV (OB van)
  • Yunnan TV (OB van)
  • Dalian TV (OB van)