Rugby World Cup 2019 to Feature Sport’s First 8K Broadcast

SWITZERLAND—The 2019 Rugby World Cup is expected to be one of the biggest editions in the tournament’s history, and the World Rugby federation is teaming up with International Games Broadcast Services to bring a new level of broadcast standards to live up to that expectation.

The broadcasts for the 2019 RWC will be delivered to the largest group of viewers in the tournaments history, and the content being offered to them will include 4K/UHD broadcasts—8K in Japan—augmented reality graphics, the use of more cameras to cover game action and streaming options.

While taking place in Japan, the 2019 RWC will be broadcast to more than 800 million households in 217 territories. And for those areas that do not have access to broadcast television, a streaming option is being provided.

What those viewers will see is a level of production new for the RWC. Coverage will be offered in multiple feeds in multiple formats, including the ability to transmit tournament coverage in 4K/UHD. Through Japan’s NHK, Japan markets will be able to view content in 8K.

AR graphics will also be incorporated into the coverage of 34 of the tournament’s 48 matches. The graphics will include elements like team line-ups, player comparisons, statistics and tables.

Additional features will include an increase to 34 cameras for the semi-finals and finals (up from 23-28 camera range for other matches); infographics for social and digital platforms; Hawk-Eye Smart Replay technology; behind-the-scenes and daily digital and social media packages; and geo-targeting through the RWC app to notify fans when and where to tune in for matches.

The 2019 Rugby World Cup will take place from Sept. 20-Nov. 2.