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Ross Video debuts new CrossOver series switcher software

Ross Video has added a series of features to its new v2.0 software for CrossOver multidefinition production switchers.

The new capabilities include two channels of high-quality 2-D DVE for PinP and 2D transitions, four channels of frame sync for input or bus mode, four channels of format converter for input or bus mode, two channels of media store with animation, and UltraChrome chroma keyer, available in any keyer. There are also fully featured keyers in the CrossOver 12 and 16 and standard source and keyer mnemonics in the CrossOver 16.

The switchers include 24 GPI, dedicated keyer transition buttons and a 100 event memory system with AI memory recall mode. Each switcher model has three independent adjustable reference outputs.

CrossOver 6, 12 and 16 use the same software and can be upgraded in minutes by downloading v2.0 from the company’s Web site, saving to a USB flash drive and following the upgrade instructions. The new features are free of charge to existing CrossOver customers.